What Are the Best Types of Cards for Magicians or Cardist’s?

If we talk about magicians, the first thought that comes to our minds is a deck of cards. So what are the best types of cards for magicians? The simple answer is; there isn’t a simple answer. Card tricks rely on specific moves, sleight of hand, perfect timing, and the type of cards.

Magic and cardistry are art forms that are perfected by years of practice. Did you know that the cards magicians and cardists use aren’t what we use to play cards? Yes, magic and cardistry cards are a bit different than traditional plastic ones.

The Best Types of Cards that Magicians Recommend.

Are you a struggling beginner magician or cardist? With so many options out there, you’re probably stuck with the question, “What kind of playing cards you should use?”. Generally, there are two types of cards i.e. plastic and paper i.e. air-cushion finish and magic finish by USPCC (United States Playing Card Company).

As discussed earlier, magic includes sleight hand techniques while creating different effects to make an illusion. The sturdiness of plastic cards makes it nearly impossible to use them for magic tricks; also, they aren’t smooth which makes them unusable for cardistry as the cannot be fanned or manipulated. 

So, when talking about the best cards for magicians and cardists, we’re left with paper stock cards.

Paper Cards: Are They Worth it?

Though there are some quality and durable plastic cards available on the market and online, magicians prefer not to use them for tricks. Thereby, paper cards have always been the priority of magicians.

There is a common misconception about paper stock cards that they don’t work for long and aren’t very customizable. As I said, that’s just a myth.

Irrespective of the producer, the same finish is used for paper stock cards. Those who aren’t aware, finishes are the coating on the surface of cards. Today, two types of finishes are used by paper cards i.e. air-cushion finish and magic finish playing cards by United States Playing Card Company – among which air-cushion finish is recommended by magicians.

You might see some cards labeled “Smooth Finish” they’re the same as a magic finish by USPCC.

Does Stock Matter?

Yes! Stock ensures the durability and handling of playing cards. You’ll find different types of stock in the market but the most common are Bicycle, Aristocrat, and Casino.

So, what’s the difference? Well, Casino is the thickest of all, Aristocrat is very thin and the Bicycle is just normal. The type of stock you chose all boils down to your opinion; magicians and cardists frequently recommend Bicycle stock, but we suggest you try them for yourselves.

show the thickness of types of cards for magicians
(On the left is casino stock and on the right is bicycle stock.)
You can see how casino stock is slightly thicker.

Where to Buy Air-Cushion Finish Cards?

Overall, air-cushion finish cards are better for beginners as well as expert cardists. But where can you buy the best air-cushion finish cards?

Guess what? We’ve made it easier for you. Now you can buy the best playing cards for magicians directly from our online store. Feel free to go through our online store and see a variety of cardistry and magic cards we offer.

What Are the Best Types of Cards for Magicians or Cardist’s?
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What Are the Best Types of Cards for Magicians or Cardist’s?
Are you a struggling beginner magician or cardist? You’re probably stuck with the question, “What are the best types of cards for magicians?”.
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