First of all, thank you for your subscription.

I hope you enjoyed the items you received and are ready to put them to use.

This month’s theme is about that tasty, tasty food! The decks you received explore three essential meals throughout the day. Enjoy the feast!

First of all, take a look at the Toast’d Playing Cards by Howlin’ Jack’s. This deck is part of a lineup of cards by howling jacks! It’s the perfect stop for brunch and features super unique artwork. The cards also feature characters and creatures toasting bread in many different ways. Which one is your favourite? The cards are printed with an air cushion finish on a thin crushed stock and are very enjoyable to use!

Secondly, you received the Oyster Playing Cards by Think, a premium marked masterpiece designed to look great. It features a shiny sand-like tuck box with silver foil embossing. This deck perfectly nestles into the menu for the day as a high-end dinner. And, wow, it is high-end; feel and stare at the mesmerizing design and use them to do marked miracles. Enjoy the oysters and enjoy the cards!

Thirdly, you obtained “Dessert,”; the Limited Edition Chocolate Playing Cards, a savoury and artsy deck. Designed like a premium chocolate bar, this deck is perfect right after your classy dinner. You’ll notice a lovely colourway as you unwrap the foil packaging and take a bite of that tasty chocolate! Like a bar of premium chocolate, the cards are printed by the best in the business USPCC and feature a premium Bee stock ready for long-term handling. You know what they say… there’s always room for dessert!

Finally, I want to thank you one last time for your purchase; I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly subscription box. Below is a form where you can put your comments on this month’s box. I will be sure to read all of them and consider them. You can let me know what you liked about the box, give ideas for future decks you’d like to receive, theme ideas, or anything else you’d like to say.