First of all, thank you for your subscription. I hope you enjoyed the items you received and put them to good use. 

This month’s theme is about the stars and the constellations they create! The decks you received explore the celestial skies and analyze the star patterns!

First of all, take a look at the Galaxy Playing Cards by Galaxy Decks. This deck is a unique and straightforward deck named after space! It’s the perfect deck to start your journey into space by showing off almost futuristic and galaxy-like artwork. The cards feature a unique tuck box with a ribbon-style seal. Enjoy the geometric faces and take time to manipulate these cards in many ways. They are designed to look attractive when flourishing. (Reverse fans, cuts, shuffles.) The cards are printed by Hanson Chien Production Co with a super soft luxury stock.

Secondly, you received the Solokid Constellation Series V2 (Aries) Playing Cards by Solokid Playing Card Co. This deck is part of a 12-deck constellation series showcasing the 12 different star signs. You received the Aires constellation deck highlighting the star sign with hand-drawn artwork throughout the deck and on the box. The deck perfectly represents the star sign, and if your birthday is between March 21-April 19, it’s yours. With this deck, you can stare into the stars that make up the universe. They’re printed by MPC with their Linen Air M30 card stock.

Lastly, you opened The Constellation Gold Playing Cards by Deckidea, a shiny deck that genuinely highlights all the orbs of light that make up constellations. The cards feature all 12 zodiac signs throughout their cardboard layers. Moreover, you’ll notice the deck includes constellation maps that show what each star grouping looks like; it’s like you’re staring into the sky! With embossing on the box and intricate card features, this deck was perfect for completing your journey through space. And who better to print the ending of this journey than Cartamundi with their TRUE LINEN B9 finish.

Finally, I want to thank you one last time for your purchase; I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly subscription box. Below is a form where you can put your comments on this month’s box. I will be sure to read all of them and consider them. You can let me know what you liked about the box, give ideas for future decks you’d like to receive, theme ideas, or anything else you’d like to say.