First of all, I want to thank you for your subscription. I hope you enjoyed the items you received and are ready to put them to use.

This month’s theme is about a casino night. The decks you received all have a connection with the classic cards you can find at a card table.

Firstly, you opened the Vintage Feel Jerry’s Nuggets (Black) Playing Cards. This deck demonstrates the history of the casino with its classic design built after the renowned Jerry’s Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. The deck is sleek yet intricate, capturing everything necessary for a usable card game deck. The deck has a unique finish uniquely designed to emulate the vintage feel of original Jerry’s nugget playing cards. It’s printed by the EPCC with their custom finish. This deck is perfect for the card table.

Secondly, you received the DeLand’s Daisy Deck (Centennial Edition). This superb deck contains a deadly secret that allows you to unknowingly discern any card by glancing at its back; in addition to the marked design, more secrets allow for more incredible feats. This deck is based on an ancient marked deck concept created by Theodore DeLand, a genius magician. Not only are the cards powerful, but the cards have a classic card table look, uniform across the entire deck. Of course, it’s printed by the best in the game USPCC, but this time on a classic stock. This deck of cards should fit right into your hand.

This last deck, Jetsetter Lounge Edition in Terminal Teal Playing Cards, was inspired by classic airline lounges. The cards feature common design patterns like the ones airlines handed out and casinos used. The faces and backs are neutral enough, making this the perfect casino night deck. The high-quality, unique tuck box makes this deck desirable, and the cards are top-notch. Overall, a superb deck to add to your collection.

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