First of all, I want to thank you for subscribing to the first month’s box. I hope you enjoyed the items you received and put them to good use. 

The theme of this month’s box was the creation of a deck of cards. I chose three different decks that represent the process of making a deck of cards.

The first deck was the composition deck by penguin magic. This deck was chosen for the ideas stage of the process. The deck is designed as if it was a composition notebook that you would sketch in or use for notes. Every single card face is a unique sketch similar to what a notebook would look like if you were planning and designing a custom deck. Overall, this cool and unique deck fully captures the ideas phase of designing a deck of cards.

For the second deck of cards, you received a super cool deck that represents the common printing process used in everyday playing card production. Versa playing cards by Occupied Cards and Takyon Cards consist of a unique CMYK colour palette, something that is standard in the printing industry. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. When printing a full-colour deck of cards, these four colours are used as a colour mixing palette. Lastly, this odd and interesting design looks like a test print and reminds you of the complicated printing process that goes into making cards.

The last deck of cards you received is just a great all-arounder deck. I specifically chose the Livingstone deck by Pure Imagination Project because it has it all, an amazing quality embossed box, beautiful back and face designs, and it is printed by the best in the game, The United States Playing Card Company. This deck is undeniable a superb final product with a beautiful design; it truly represents a perfect deck of cards.

Finally, I want to thank you one last time for your purchase; I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly subscription box. Below is a form where you can put your comments on this month’s box. I will be sure to read all of them and consider them. You can let me know what you liked about the box, give ideas for future decks you’d like to receive, theme ideas, or anything else you’d like to say.