First of all, thank you for your subscription. I hope you enjoyed the items you received and put them to good use. 

This month’s theme is about travelling and exploration! Each of the decks you received shows off either aircraft or history when it comes to adventuring!

First of all, take a look at the Lounge Edition in Jetway Silver by Jetsetter Playing Cards. This deck brings you into a supreme airport lounge and offers modern-day air-flight amenities! It’s the perfect deck to start your journey back into the history of exploration. The tuck case also features a silver foil and a unique plane pattern. You can also check out the fabulous plane ticket-style jokers, which are definitely a nice added touch. The cards are printed by Expert Playing Card Company, and they are ready for smooth handling.

Secondly, you received the North Star Playing Cards Luxury Red Edition. Inspired by world travellers, this deck is perfect after your flight from the Jetsetter deck. Each court card includes the artwork of a known traveller; take a moment to explore the different faces throughout the deck. The deck has a classic, timeless design, which makes it great for magicians, card players, and collectors. With this deck, you can explore the history of the past while using a deck with some mischievous tools hidden around. They’re printed by USPCC with a dedication to quality.

Lastly, you opened Lounge Edition Playing Cards, but this time in Hangar Orange. This deck was produced by Jetsetter Playing Cards and fits perfectly with your previous silver edition. The cards feature a nice tuck case and also have a raised UV spot finish. Moreover, you’ll notice that the second deck is in a sharp orange colourway; fancy! With standard faces, the Jetsetter decks are perfect to bring out during a performance or during a family game of cards. Maybe you’ll even impress a pilot or two. Regardless, be sure to #useyourcards.

Finally, I want to thank you one last time for your purchase; I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly subscription box. Below is a form where you can put your comments on this month’s box. I will be sure to read all of them and consider them. You can let me know what you liked about the box, give ideas for future decks you’d like to receive, theme ideas, or anything else you’d like to say.