First of all, I want to thank you for your subscription.
I hope you enjoyed the items you received and are ready to put them to use. 
This month’s theme is all about cardistry decks. The decks you receive all have a unique style. It’s almost like every deck is a new type of cardistry; a wave-like design, liquid-like flow, and a unique perspective.
Firstly, you opened the Nara Playing Cards by Ade Suryana. This deck was created to have the perfect cardistry design optimal for performances. The deck highlights its colourful attitude in any flourish or move you can think of; f you can do it, this deck will make it look great! Even with this deck’s excellent design, it doesn’t lack quality. It’s printed by the USPCC with an air cushion finish. This deck is perfect to accent your cardistry collection.

Secondly, you received the FLUID-2019 Edition Playing Cards By CardCutz. This superb deck encapsulates a modern flowy design with sturdy “pieces of cardistry paper”… A.K.A. “playing cards.” This deck was designed with cardistry in mind; the eye-catching colours, the visual flow, and the simple look make your flourishes shine. Not only are the backs captivating, but the face cards have a unique bright look uniform across the deck; they look impeccable. Of course, it’s printed by the best in the game USPCC, but this time on crushed stock. This deck of cards fits right into your cardistry repertoire.

Lastly, the Offset Orange Playing Cards by Cardistry Touch represent the idea of being different. This deck was built from the unique idea of breaking tradition and standards. With this deck, you are now able to draw attention since the design is full of misprints and mistakes. Although this deck is full of unique surprises, the creator made it with cardistry at front of the mind; that’s why it makes everything look so good. USPCC printed this deck with a premium crushed stock. In sum, this deck is a distinctive failure constructed to enhance your every move.

Finally, I want to thank you one last time for your purchase; I hope you continue to enjoy your monthly subscription. Below is a form where you can submit your comments on this month’s box. I will be sure to read all of them and consider them. You can let me know what you liked about the box, give ideas for future decks you’d like to receive, theme ideas, or anything else you’d like to say.