First of all, thank you for your subscription.

I hope you enjoyed the items you received and are ready to put them to use.

This month’s theme is all about simple yet unique and practical playing cards. The decks you received are all part of a renowned playing card brand and its simple line-up of great decks.

First, you check out the MYNOC Deck: Leaf. The MYNOC Deck: Leaf is a limited edition deck created by the MYNOC Project. It features unique designs inspired by the #mynoc sticker campaign. This social media campaign allowed NOC fans to come up with great ideas for decks. It’s a popular collector choice with a custom tuck box and back design printed by The United States Playing Cards Company. This deck is one of the three decks from the NOC line-up included in this month’s box, and it perfectly shows off simplicity in a helpful deck.

Next, you take a look at the Burgundy Red NOC Pros. This edition exudes an upscale professional vibe that is perfect for performances. The minimalist back design has been upgraded with an inner border, adding an elegant touch to an already simplistic deck. The tuck case is embossed and printed on high-quality linen and vellum papers with a matte finish, making it both durable and visually stunning. Best of all, this deck is fully marked for both suit and value, making it an excellent tool for any magician. You now have this beautiful utility, the Burgundy Red edition of NOC Pros, at your fingertips.

Lastly, you receive the Jet Black edition of NOC Pros, which is a suitable choice for any card enthusiast or magician. Its simplistic design and elegant touches make it stand out from any other deck in your collection. The embossed tuck case is the same quality as the previous deck being from the same line-up. The back design is sleek and chic, with an inner border that adds a touch of sophistication to this already magnificent deck. It’s fully marked for both suit and value, like the other deck. However, this one is in a utilitarian crispy black colourway. The deck hits every metric.

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