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All of our prices are in CAD.

Tuck Box Club Monthly Subscription Box

Introducing, the new tuck box club monthly playing card subscription box. Every month you receive a full box of goodies shipped to your door. Each box has a new special theme, unknown to you, so it’s like the holidays every month. This box is perfect for card collectors, magicians, cardists, and more!

What you’ll get.

Each time you open a box it’s like a new story.

  • Each box has a guaranteed two decks of cards.
  • The third item in the box is special; some months it will be an accessory and others another deck of cards. (Sometimes you’ll get both)
  • The last thing you’ll get will be a card explaining what you received.

Lastly, to keep the mystery lingering for as long as possible, each item will be hand wrapped in high-quality Kraft-paper.
Click here to see an example.

Our guarantee.

I personally guarantee that you will be happy with your box. If something is damaged, broken or not to your satisfaction, please contact me so I can make it right. Email:

Every month you are guaranteed to get equal value to what you paid. The contents of every box are worth at least the subscription price. (Usually, they are worth a good amount more!)

If for some reason you want to cancel your subscription it can be done in a click. (Check the My Account section of the site)

You must cancel before the 25th if you wish to receive a refund (make sure to contact us for the refund); after that date, that month’s box has been prepared and the shipping postage has been purchased.

How it works.

Every month you pay a subscription fee for your box.

On the 30th (Usually) of every month, we will ship out your box so you receive it at your door early next month.

Payment for your box must be completed before the 25th of each month this allows us to prepare and ship the boxes quickly so you get them next month.

Here’s an example:

You purchase your box on August 11th. 

On August 25th you will no longer be able to cancel your box.

Your box will be shipped on the 30th of August so you receive it Early September. (Check Shipping Times)

If you decide to continue your subscription your next payment will continue automatically and the cycle repeats.

If you decide to cancel your subscription (no payment will be withdrawn or you’ll be refunded; just simply contact us) and you won’t receive the next box.

What’s so special?

Unlike other playing card subscription boxes currently on the market, this box is themed. That means that every box has a different “thought out theme” every month. This subscription will bring tons of creative variety to your collection.

Most months, the boxes are quite limited in quantity.


Due to the Current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are only shipping to certain destinations.

  • Canada 
  • USA
  • Europe / UK

Below is a list of international destinations that we can currently ship to.

If you’d like a box and are located in a different international destination please contact me before purchasing so I can verify that I am currently able to ship to that location. Email:

Shipping Time estimates:

  • (Tracked) Canada  7-14 days
  • (Tracked) USA 9-14 days (We use a cross-border service and then USPS handles final delivery; it’s as if it was sent domestically. This allows for faster delivery speeds.)
  • (Tracking possible/Untracked) Europe 8-25 days (May Vary Slightly)
  • (Depends) International (Please Contact)

*Please note that all these delivery speeds can change, and that is out of our control. Please be patient during the current pandemic situation. Due to the holiday backlog expect packages to arrive slower.

What people are saying:

The subscription was pretty great! I enjoyed that both decks I received had a reason and story about their selection. The added card frames were great to have as well (something I’d never thought of getting myself)

Dan L.

I love Kingdom Cards’ Tuck Box Club! Like most playing card subscriptions, it’s always a surprise seeing what you receive. But Kingdom Cards takes it a step further – taking the time to create a theme around each month’s release. Each deck is wrapped and numbered and you open them one at a time to see how it fits within the theme. I totally appreciate the effort that goes into each month’s delivery. Very impressive!!!

Christopher W.
Tuck box monthly
$39.99 + $9.98 CAD

Monthly subscription Box.

USA and Canada Version

$39.99 For Box

$9.98 For Shipping

Total: $49.97 CAD Approx. $38 USD

All Prices in CAD.

Estimated arrival: Early September 2021

Checkout with Paypal.

*Coupons and store credits are not valid on subscriptions.

Tuck box monthly - Inter.
$39.99 + $14.98 CAD

Monthly subscription Box.

International Shipping Version (All countries except the US and Canada)

$39.99 For Box

$14.98 For Shipping

Total: $54.97 CAD Approx. $42 USD

All Prices in CAD

Estimated arrival: Early-Mid-Late September 2021

Checkout with Paypal.

*Coupons and store credits are not valid on subscriptions.

After your payment has been completed you can view Subscription information here.

*Please check your emails for important instructions. (Be sure to check your spam folder)

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